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3 Obstacles Giving Vehicle Shippers Trouble This Spring

The OEM vehicle shipping game has changed this spring. What we have seen is a market that has become less predictable and more volatile for four reasons. Read on to learn what hurdles OEM shippers are facing and how they can address them.

EU Shippers Struggling In Remarketing Sector

Vehicle shippers in the European Union (EU) are having a difficult time adjusting their respective remarketing strategies. OEMs, along with rental and retail customers, have changed their buying behavior due to a shifting landscape within the automotive industry.

When the Semiconductor Chip Shortage Ends, Will Your Supply Chain Be Ready?

"As a top vehicle logistics provider that works with all sectors within the auto industry, RPM is acutely aware of the biggest challenges affecting each sector, as the chip crisis continues. But more importantly, we offer tangible solutions for our customers, ensuring that their supply chain runs smoothly."

The Semiconductor Chip Shortage: The Next Global Pandemic

Though the recovery may take some time, once the chips are distributed and vehicles are once again ready to roll, auto manufactures will need a turnkey solution to move the current stockpile of new vehicles out of the factory, VPCs, ports, and railheads.

RPM Europe Welcomes Marco Siemssen

RPM welcomes Marco Siemssen, a finished vehicle logistics expert, as its vice president of Sales and Solutions. In this role, he will drive forward the company's further expansion in Germany and across Europe.

RPM Vehicle Systems Releases the RPM Drive App

RPM Vehicle Systems recently updated the RPM Drive App to include multi-language support and has bolstered track-and-trace capabilities, as well as enhanced the touch-less delivery experience.

How Agility Can Keep The Used Car Market Afloat

"Used car values plunged to great depths amidst the pandemic. Dealers want to move inventory, but low consumer sentiment, a reduced number of trade-ins, auctions at a virtual standstill, and fewer lease returns coming back to dealerships is keeping used cars from selling."

High Demand On The Horizon For EU Shippers

"Regardless of how chaotic or volatile the market may be, we equally excel in the spot load and long-term contract business because of our unique and valuable ability to be flexible and find capacity quickly."

Building Trust Takes Real-Time Effort

“Over the past decade, real-time visibility has grown from a want to a need to an expectation across all vertical markets within vehicle logistics.” – Sergio Gutierrez, President of RPM Europe

Scale to Meet Your Needs

“Now more than ever before, shippers should consider working with an experienced managed transportation service provider that has a large, dedicated network of carrier partners and deep relationships with these partners.” – Jake McLeod, Chief Commercial Officer at RPM

RPM Vehicle Systems Expands in Europe

We are officially in Europe! This is one of the most significant milestones in RPM’s growth to date. Thanks to our team and our fearless leaders for taking RPM across the pond.

RPM Receives 6th Consecutive Inc. 5000 Award

RPM takes home a 6th consecutive Inc. 5000 award, an achievement only 3% of companies in America can lay claim to. We are honored to share this milestone with our team, carriers, and customers.

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